Our new UltraSimple Detoxification group is on their way!

Posted by on May 11, 2011 in Detoxification, Enzymes and Nutrition, Health Classes | 0 comments

Our newest UltraSimple detoxification group got going last night with our first meeting at Cheryl’s Herbs.  I am feeling very excited about this current group of health explorers, they were very attentive with great questions and insights.  Some of our detox group members seemed totally comfortable with the information, and some seemed a little unsure.  This is, of course, the benefit of a group program; we can all help each other achieve success.   I encouraged everyone to take time to set their intention for this program.  What is my intention for this UltraSimple detoxification session?  My goal is to regain better discipline with regard to snacking.  Emotional eating, unconscious eating, these are struggles for me at times. 
I have planned to begin my UltraSimple cleanse TODAY so I can get a solid week of  following the program before I head to The Loomis Institute of Enzyme Nutrition’s Annual Conference, so I began my day with my green tea and a smoothie.  So far, so good!