Fall Ultra Simple Detox group – registration is open

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Join us and get your eating habits under control, before the holidays. The next UltraSimple Detox Group is starting 10/27.

Hooray!  It’s time to get the blender out! 

I am extremely excited that another UltraSimple group is starting at the end of the month.  I generally fell that my lifestyle habits are quite good and healthy, but, just like anyone else, I sometimes let my cravings get the best of me.  There’s nothing like hitting the “reset” button on cravings and metabolism.  And every time I go through this program (coming up on round 4, or maybe 5) I get new insights that stay with me.  I hope some of our UltraSimple Alumni will join us and learn something new.  And, if you have never done something like this before, you are in for a real transformative experience.

What is the goal of the program?  Well, your goals are up to you.  Many folks statr this program thinking about weight loss, controlling sugar cravings, quitting caffeine, etc.  All possible and probable.  My goal is for the group participants is that they will experience first hand the true POWER of food choices to influence how how much energy we have, our degree of mental clarity, and our general health.

This program is not a “detox-in-a-box” program, like you might find at a health food store.  This program gives you guidelines and a menu of foods you can get at a grocery store.  Nutritional supplements are an optional enhancement, but the dietary program alone is enough to create profound changes in most of our group members.

If this sounds interesting to you I hope you will sign up, or get in touch with me (doctorgould@hotmail.com) if you want more information.  If you are ready to get on board, I look forward to taking this journey with you.

Be Well,

Dr. Rebecca

Program Schedule and Fees

Your degree of participation and the length of your experience is up to you.  We design this at a 21-day program, but many have had wonderful results in just 7 days.  The program fee includes your manual and worksheets, all meetings, web support and Dr. Gould’s supervision.

All meetings held at The Heights, 8001 Dale in Richmond Heights, MO.

Information meeting– 7:30 pm on Thursday, October 27th
Grocery store field-trip– (optional), Sunday 10/30 at 2:00, at Whole Foods, Brentwood
Kick-off meeting – 7:30 pm, Thursday, November 3rd
1-week progress meeting –  Thursday, November 10th
Wrap-up meeting – Tuesday, November 22nd.

Program Fee – $45 in advance, $55 at the door

Ready to register? Need more information?

Click here to go to the registration page

Or call us at The Healing Center, 314-727-2120