Diagnosis: Not-Sick-but-Not-Well

Posted by on May 3, 2012 in Chiropractic, Detoxification, Enzymes and Nutrition, Health Classes, Holistic Healing | 0 comments

What is the ultimate measure of health?  Some folks like to rely on certain numbers;  resting heart rate, cholesterol level, blood pressure, weight.  Others look at health more holistically, feeling that the measure of health is how well a person can function and enjoy life.  This second view makes more sense to me as a holistic health practitioner.  After all, the body is a dynamic system that cannot easily be defined by a single number or parameter.

Many people I help in my practice are not technically “sick.”  They are not in a disease state that can be measured by abnormal vital signs or laboratory findings.  However, despite being “not sick,” they are certainly not healthy and well – and they know it.  Many of my patients, from children to adults, suffer with difficult digestive function.  Many experience fatigue, brain fog, insomnia, and anxiety.  Some have body pain in their joints, back or neck.  What these situations have in common is that they are not diseases.  In most cases the vital signs and standard laboratory tests will be normal.  But the patient knows that something is not right.

Being not-sick-but-not-well can be frustrating.  You may be told that everything appears normal by your doctor and dismissed, or perhaps given recommendations for symptom care.  To the person who is not-sick-but-not-well I say “Great!  You are not (yet) in a disease state so your health challenge may be easier to resolve.”

At The Healing Center I do not attempt to put every patient in a box neatly label with a specific disease or diagnosis.  My goal is to find structural, nutritional and energetic sources of stress and apply a remedy or give a recommendation to address that stress.  The body will naturally self-heal and self-regulate when the stress levels are managed.  Removing and reducing stresses on the body will allow the body to get itself in balance, symptoms will resolve and health is enjoyed once again.