Why I Don’t Worry About My Kids Feeling Deprived


Some time ago a couple of moms asked me for tips on getting their kids to eat better lunches at school. I had

recently gotten my son the Planet Box, kind of a nifty lunchbox. What I like about it is that my kid can just flip open the fastener and eat. He only gets about 15 minutes for lunch, so if his lunch has a lot of containers for his little fingers to open he will not have enough time to ingest, and forget about chewing. As I went into a reverie about his fancy new lunch box I mentioned that I had sent him off to school that morning him with a salad with chickpeas . . .

And this is when they cut me off with their laughter.Chickpeas!?” One of the moms asked, “Forget that! We have already ruined our kids!”

Ruined? That sounds bad. How does a kid get “ruined” for healthy eating?

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