Getting to a Healthy Weight: Why Is It So Hard?

Achieving a healthy weight may be one of the most difficult goals that I help people work toward in my practice. On the one hand, there are those folks, usually non-overweight folks, who say “you just have to eat less and exercise more!” On the other hand, there are the vast majority of us who know it is not that simple. If getting to a healthy weigh was a simple eat less/exercise more proposition there wouldn’t be sky-rocketing rates of obesity in this country and a 68 billion dollar a year weight-loss industry.

So, what gives? Why does it have to be so hard? Here are my thoughts on the main barriers to weight optimization.

  1. You eat too often, or too late in the day. For quite some time we have been hammered with the advice to eat every few hours. I think this is ok if you are eating mainly low-glycemic index snacks (very
    There has to be an easier weigh!

    They may not be slimming down, but they are having fun!

    low sugar, higher in fat and protein).  However, if your every 2-3 hour snack is a piece of fruit, or a 100 calorie pack of Oreo cookies, or a yogurt with 25 grams of sugar, your body will never go into fat burning mode.  Not if there is a constant source of carbohydrate fuel available. Snack carefully.
    Also, your metabolism is more active

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