Don’t Bring Me Down!

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Who do you have in your live that supports you to make healthy decisions? I talk to many women, some men too, but mostly women, who want to embrace better health habits. Do their husbands/partners support them? Cheer them on? Sometimes they do not. Some people see their life partner as a barrier to getting healthy. That stinks! Here are some of the sabotage strategies I have heard about from my clients.
  • Scare – “Hmmmm, water aerobics. My aunt’s friend tried that and she nearly drowned!”
  • Ignore – “Oh, I forgot you were trying to eat healthy when I brought home your favorite ice cream, which I did because I love you.”
  • Boycott – “Fine, but I am NOT eating that rabbit food!”
  • Ridicule – “It’s just like the time you took up Tae Bo! I’ll make room for your new juicer in the attic next to your Abdominizer.
  • Negate – “I looked that up, and there was a very negative online review.” Even His Holiness The Dalai Lama, kittens and rainbows have negative online reviews. A negative review should not be the excuse for rejecting something for which there is overwhelmingly positive evidence.
  • Enable- “It’s just a couple beers, it’s not like you have an actual drinking problem.”
  • Tempt – “Just have a few bites of this bacon-wrapped burrito, I’ll split it with you.”

So, where does that leave you. Do you need a partner? Someone to support you to change for the better? I say, get someone who is trying to get healthier too. Phone a friend! Go to a meeting! Get a therapist! Hire a life coach! Maybe when you set an example of health that partner of yours will be inspired. But don’t be held back from your AWESOMENESS! It’s your body and your life.