TGIF!!!!! Again!!!!!

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Having fun is a top priority for me. I love parties, holidays, birthdays, snow days . . . You name it! But, in order to keep my indulgences in line with my health goals I need to be reasonable about how and when I kick up my heels.

A piece of cake or a few adult beverages will not have a significant effect on your long term health. The most important predictors of long term health, more important than genetics, are your habits. Many of us are in the habit of finding frequent reasons to celebrate with food and drink. And sometimes we wait to start “getting healthy” until after Mother’s Day, or school lets out, or until after Memorial Day, or until . . . But, what if you could reel in the ways you celebrate, and your justifications for treating yourself? Would that help you move toward what you really want for your health in the long run?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on celebrating!