Amazing NEW diet!?

Every day I field questions about the “diet-of-the-day.” Have I heard about it? Does it work? Is it safe?

Some of these trendy nutrition plans are based on sound scientific principles. Many are not. Most have a rabidly devoted following, which is why we have heard about them.  And, most of today’s diets will go the way of the cabbage soup diet, extreme fat-free diet, grapefruit diet, Ephedra and tapeworms. They will fall out of fashion in favor of the next shiny thing.

Suppose the diet-of-the-day is based on sound science and really works.  Why would it ever go out of style? Why wouldn’t this diet be the answer to the obesity crisis?

The diet-of-the-day will never be the answer for two reasons.

  1. Diets don’t work.
  2. Never mind, there’s one reason.

We know. And yet we cling to hope that if we could just STICK TO THE DIET we’d reach our  goals. I have conversations every week that include the phrase “Well, Dr. Rebecca, I know what to do. . . .”  Have you said these words? I can relate.  I was the queen of “I know what to do.” I have a graduate degree in “I know what to do.” And I was overweight my whole life since childhood.  I was frustrated and I thought about it almost constantly. And I could not fix it, even though I knew a lot of stuff about nutrition. 

So, what does work? 

In 2003 I lost the 30 pounds I was carrying around, thanks to an effective nutrition plan. It was fast and easy, a dream come true! But then I struggled to keep the weight off. A new identity did not come magically when I hit my “goal weight.” My body had changed but my mind had not. So I yo-yo’d.  Five pounds up and five pounds down, and 7 pounds up and four pounds down, and so it went.

It went on like that until I really, deeply understood that I was living a dieter’s mindset. 

The people I know who have achieved their health goals with sustainable, long-term results have focused on something so much more important than food.  They have worked on their mindset. The limiting factor in anyone’s growth is mindset. Your current state of health is 100% an outgrowth of your mindset. If you are white-knuckling every day, trying to rely on willpower – that’s the flashing neon sign letting you know that your current mindset is not “Future Healthy Me.”

And “Old Me” is fighting back. 

I cannot explain how to create a new mindset in a couple paragraphs. But I will tell you that this is the basis for the coaching work I do today helping people transform, one healthy habit at a time.

I look forward to the time that I am no longer fielding questions about the diet-of-the-day, and I am instead celebrating the daily successes that come from creating a new mindset, one healthy habit at a time. 

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