The healing art of acupuncture has developed over thousands of years.  Like chiropractic, the essential function of acupuncture is to remove interference in the body’s natural mechanisms of self-healing and self-regulation.   Acupuncture has been used effectively for the full scope of health challenges.  At The Healing Center, acupuncture is used mainly as adjunctive therapy for pain control and pain relief.  Acupuncture is also employed at this clinic for smoking cessation therapy, pregnancy, and labor-related issues and stress-relief.

There is energy intrinsic to all living things.File:Ki obsolete.svg

This is the traditional Chinese character for qi (sometimes written as chi).  Qi is defined in many ways, often as “life-force.”  In chiropractic, it is said that the body has an Innate Intelligence.  Innate Intelligence describes the organizing properties of living things. The term was originally coined by Daniel David Palmer, the discoverer of chiropractic. This vitalistic concept states that all life contains Innate Intelligence and that this force is responsible for the organization, maintenance, and healing of the body.

I believe that Innate Intelligence, sometimes simply called “The Innate,” and Qi is two ways to describe the same life-force energy.

Enzyme nutrition seeks to provide the body with the means to restore the natural balance of health by providing the body with the tools to heal and via the optimization of digestion and immune function.  Each approach has a similar goal of assisting the body to heal itself.  That is why chiropractic, enzymes, and acupuncture work so beautifully together.

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